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Real estate

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Buying or selling real estate is a big decision and a significant investment. When you consider the complexities of real estate laws, even the smallest misstep can cost you money or lost money. Therefore, you may need a real estate attorney for certain transactions, or a real estate attorney, to navigate all the legal requirements. They can also help you avoid potential landmines so you can protect your real estate investment. Efraim Tankhil and his real estate attorneys are professionals who handle the legal responsibilities related to real estate transactions. We can represent the interests of the buyer, seller, or lender. One of our primary services is to prepare and review the relevant papers needed for the sale and purchase of the property.

Real estate services provided by Efraim Tankhil and his legal team

We can help you with all aspects of the real estate business, including:

  • Sales and purchase agreements
  • Purchase and sale of commercial real estate
  • Drafting and drawing up contracts for sales and purchases
  • Negotiations on the purchase of property
  • Registration of real estate transactions
  • Drafting and editing rental agreements
  • Drafting purchase contracts with contractors or advising on existing contracts
  • Deeds and other property documents
  • Zoning
  • Financing and mortgage documents
  • Property contract
  • Property management agreement
  • Land use restrictions
  • Property disputes
  • Real estate easement agreement
  • Contractor and subcontractor agreements
  • Registration of transactions and transfer of rights in real estate
  • Land clearing
  • Legal advice in tax matters
  • Establishment of rental agreements
  • Commercial real estate transactions

Disputes and disagreements that may arise in the property area

A real estate lawyer is necessary to handle all types of disputes that need to be resolved, either in whole or in parts. When selling or buying a property, differences of opinion may arise between seller and buyer or between potential buyers about the price and terms of the sale. If you are being sued for breach of contract by construction companies or contractors, our experienced legal team will help you deal with such situations. Our lawyers also handle other issues in connection with real estate transactions, such as land sharing agreements, which can involve disputes between landlords, tenants, and homeowners. At our office, we provide legal advice on how to sell your property successfully or buy a new one at a reasonable price by discussing any issues that may arise when selling a rental property in today’s insane market before any deal is signed. We also help property investors who want to apply for financing from, for example, banks and financial institutions.

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